Local community

Local community

A cornerstone of Courchevel’s history, Hôtel des 3 Vallées fosters close ties with its greatest ambassadors, the people who live and work in the resort - carpenters, cheesemakers, guides, designers and sports professionals. To stay at Hôtel des 3 Vallées is to peer into the soul of this legendary ski resort, as represented by its people, deeply attached to their traditions, and proud of their know-how and history. An invitation to travel, dear to our philosophy, and the promise of an entire Group: Les Hôtels d' en Haut.

Les Caves d’Affinage de Savoie

In the heart of the Savoie mountains, in Rognaix, tens of metres of underground galleries have been converted into cellars to ripen more than 80 varieties of Savoie cheese, including Bauges, Tarentaise and Val d’Arly. At a depth of 65 metres inside a cliff, Beaufort and Tommes cheese are refined at 13°C for days to months in ideal and natural maturing conditions. Here, in these galleries, at 95% humidity, the cheeses mature at their own pace, in harmony with the seasons. The cheese refiner, one of the last in the Beaufort AOP, works with some forty or so local producers to create these marvels for L’Alpaga, which reflect the spirit of the region and are made with the meticulous skill of local craftsmen.   

Furniture with a history

The “mountain art of living” was invented in the 1950s by a select group of architects and designers. This intimate relationship between artists and the peaks is reflected in the vintage furniture of the Hôtel des 3 Vallées. The armchairs in the entrance and the Marcoule bench are designed by Jean Prouvé, the small lobby stools are the work of Charlotte Perriand, while Pierre Chapo is the designer of the iconic DS600 sofa and the Œil table. The George Nelson seat and armchairs were produced especially for mountain chalets, as were the black and white tables, made for the Flaine ski resort. Pierre Paulin, Florence Knoll, Marco Zanuso and Geneviève Dangles are among the other major designers whose work gives the Hôtel des 3 Vallées its truly unique, warm and lived-in feel.

ABCO, custom carpenter

A precious and truly distinctive material, wood plays an important role in the renovation projects of the Les Hôtels d’En Haut. Nicolas, carpenter and business owner, who heads a team of six artisans, has already worked on four of the group’s sites. “We can do anything, but usually it’s the least obvious things. When you enter a bedroom, our work is everywhere - on the doors, shelves, cupboards and lots of other places - but you can’t see it. That’s the sign of a job well done!” Artisan of the invisible and a lover of wood, ABCO is a small local business that respects local traditions. “For Les Hôtels d’en Haut, we work within the rules, but we love the fact that each site presents us with new challenges, which means we have to innovate and work with new materials. For the Roches Rouges hotel, for example, we’re going to craft canework and hessian. Because we’re involved in such different projects we have to push ourselves and that’s what we like.”

Léon Grey: dairy supplier

Léon Rey is a family business that supplies the Hôtels d’en Haut with cheesecrème fraîche and dairy products. Specially selected from big and small producers in Savoie and Haute Savoie, all of Léon Rey’s dairy supplies are “terroir” products, in other words, they are sourced from local producers with a strong reputation for quality techniques, unique recipes and outstanding expertise. Some of the cheeses are matured in their own cellars. Tomes, tome d’alpage de Megève, reblochon, beaufort, comté, and Mont d’Or all pair perfectly with warm potatoes or a handful of lardons for a truly tasty meal.

Sulivan Cornu,  mountain dweller, and more…  

“This was where I was born,” says Sulivan, who lives in harmony with the mountains and the seasons. He knows Val Thorens like the back of his hand and loves nothing better than to set off by himself on long winter hikes. In winter, he climbs the pylons to maintain and check the chairlifts, cable-cars and ski lifts of his ski resort. But seven months a year, he descends the slopes to work as a site manager for BTTP, the company that supervised the restructuring of the group’s three hotels: Val Thorens, Fitz ROy and 3 Vallées. “I feel really lucky to work for Les Hôtels d’en Haut. They are wonderful hotels. And even though you can’t see our work, when the first customers arrive, we’re always extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished. This year, we’ll be following Les Hôtels d’en Haut to the shores of the Mediterranean to renovate the Roches Rouges in Saint-Raphaël. It’s another adventure, far from the mountains, but on an equally exceptional natural site.” 

Pascal Breyton: mountain guide

Pascal BREYTON is a mountain guide specialized in snowshoes. Lover of virgin and natural spaces he goes in search of animal tracks and knows how to read the signs of life in the forests of Courchevel. Pascal takes you on a unique excursion where you will discover places inaccessible on skis, discovering the historical and natural heritage of the Valley. He will share with you his love for these stunningly calm white landscapes.

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David Dereani: guide-lecturer at the FACIM Foundation

"I have been a guide-lecturer for the Facim Foundation since May 2003. Originally from Tarentaise, from a family from St-Bon (commune of Courchevel), I work throughout the Savoy region, especially around art baroque, 20th century architecture in winter and mountain sports resorts, culinary heritage, rural heritage and agro-pastoralism. Through this profession, I like to communicate my passion for the history of Savoie and doing cultural mediation with different audiences. Since 2008, I joined the permanent team of the Facim Foundation, within service groups, then as heritage missions officer." "Savoy is truly a rich territory there are many sites to discover, I love them all, with a crush on the Château de Miolans, the Church of Champagny, the resort of Courchevel, the villages of Beaufortain and the Tignes dam… ”.

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